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Corporate Social Responsibility,
Supply Chain and Environmental Management , Ethical Complianiance

KOS works as an audit company and advisor on supply chain management, sustainable improvements and also have a team of specialist in the subject of audit and in preparation of producers to all Social Compliance Audits in the direction of brands’ demands. It is an auditing company established by individual initiatives of well-versed experts, who have been experienced in different brands' approaches on specific issues for their factories and are able to provide a necessary support for other brands in preparing their manufacturers for coming audits.

Being in the line with international standards would not just protect your company, but help decrease costs in the long run. Moreover, through creation of procedures and policies according to the necessary standards and their constant evaluation and control will help the brands to creat a more effective procedure in establishing an efficient working environment at factories.

Audits held according to the standarts can provide relevant remakrs on a wide range of questions existing in a company to find out all the risks and obstacles that might lead to shortage or other kinds of problems. The determination of deficiencies, gaps , and other potential risks within your company's policy and strategy can become a guideline for you in creation of future improvement plans.

Our Services

  • Assessment of factories
  • Real situation
  • Risk assessment
  • Internal control
  • Work/Project monitoring/follow-up
  • Supply chain risk rating
  • Trainings on case studies at all non-food sectors
  • Trainings on labour practices
  • Follow-up on Supply chain and Supply Chain Improvements


Our senior lead auditors and sustainability experts will provide support to brands, suppliers, factories on CSR management and Sustainability development.

Audit by KOS should be conducted before the expected audit from customer side to cover all issues that are present in the company and might be questioned by an auditor. Then, all possible findings would be shared privately to the audited company. Such pre-audits are effective in the perspective of elimination of all the issues that might occur during the actual audit.

Factory Development & Sustainabilitiy

Note that project and business improvements would increase employees’ motivation, competence and efficiency.

For that reason we provide

  • Workers’ Dialougue
  • Women empowerment
  • Transparency
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Mapping
  • Specific Sustainability Projects


Social compliance training would be given after the company’s procedures have been implemented.

(CoC – Code of Conduct)
Social Compliance Policy
Procedures linked to Social Compliance Policies

For example:

  • Reporting
  • Scope of the training
  • Photographs
  • Attendance Lists
  • Assessment /Evaluation


Some of services that we provide for companies

  • Pre-audit for supply chain and mapping of supply chain will be defined
  • Company will be visited by at least 3 auditors
  • Extensive and detailed audit report
  • Corrective action plan that takes into consideration the capacity and culture of a business
  • Updated audit report from every visit
  • The same audit process can be applied for sub-contractors as well.
  • Periodic evaluation meetings would be set with company’s management and its sub-contractors.
  • Accompany the inspections on the audit day, if necessary.

KOS Auditing Ltd. company is open to any comments and questions, and always ready to support.


  • Support of national export and local capital
  • Add value to Turkish Textile
  • The correct introduction of the right value and culture of Turkish textile all over the world
  • To eliminate the remnants of bad reputation created by media such as BBC Panorama documentary movie about Turkish Manufacturers
  • Support companies sustainable/key solutions for early detection of risks and possible nonconformities
  • Make comparisons between Benchmarking practices and laws in Europian countries
  • Audits conducted in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Makedonia, Portugal, Spain
  • FLA, ETI, BSCI, Sedex, Higg Index, SLCP, C-Tpat and specific customer audit concepts are among the covered topics
  • Our company have 6 SA8000 certificated lead auditors who have competency in all audit types. (including BSCI, Sedex and all over the world)
  • To make companies profit and gain prestige are our primary goals. We work to achieve the best quality and provide effective and sustainable business develpoment
  • Being able to creat prospects for development and change within the companies and find the way to integrate the most optimal solutions to the enterprises of our partners are our main goals and motivations at the same time.

KOS in media

KOS, which has been a pioneer in the sector and showed how ambitious it is in its field, now is taking a position in leading sectors. In the ITKIB Hedef magazine, pioneered by the General Secretariat of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters' Association, our article entitled "Introduction to international markets" was published this month.

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