What is Social and Labor Convergence Program(SLCP)?

What is Social and Labor Convergence Program(SLCP)?

A non-profit multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to eliminate audit fatigue in global supply chains. SLCP provide the tools and system for a high-quality comparable data set on working conditions that can be used by all industry stakeholders. This increases transparency in supply chains, reduces the need for social audits and ultimately allows users to redeploy resources into improving working conditions.

What does SLCP do?

SLCP has brought together diverse stakeholders to create and implement a common tool to reduce the time and money spent on social auditing. The aim of SLCP is to redirect savings from auditing to improving working conditions. SLCP, through the Converged Assessment Framework, enables manufacturers to take ownership of their own social and labor data. SLCP provides a single comparable data set and facilitates collaboration between stakeholders.

Why choose an SLCP verification from KOS?

  • The presence of expert auditors in the field.
  • Our auditors are Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) certified
  • Being experienced for many years and professionalism.

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